Sexually arousing and gratifying stories go back centuries. As time has gone by, the stories have become more explicit and titillating. The erotica genre has a huge following and rakes in billions of dollars each year. That’s because many of the erotic novels are often turned to mainstream movies or TV shows. A perfect example is the highly popular novel “Fifty Shades of Grey” which was also turned into a Hollywood movie. Based on this and other reasons, many people want to get into writing erotic stories. Before you do so, be sure to follow some of these tips.

Understand Your Audience

In order to be successful at selling any products or services, you first have to know who your targeted audience is. Keep in mind that erotica has many subgenres in addition to erotic romance. If you are going after those who love romance, then you have to make sure your plot reflects that.

Develop Your Characters

For any story to work, the characters have to be real to the reader. Erotic novels are generally driven by the characters, not just the plot. You can’t simply describe sexual encounters between two people without any substance. There has to be a relationship between them. The people you describe need to have personal feelings, passions, beliefs and ideas.

Know The Genre

Too many writers make the mistake of thinking that porn and erotic stories are the same. While they both deal with sex, they are very distinct in many ways. Porn generally has no plots or stories worth following. Erotica is all about the relationships, emotions and elements of the characters. Contrary to what some believe, erotic novels are not just about sex.

Join Groups

Getting opinions on your work is a great way to get a sense of how effective your writing is. You can also obtain input, ideas and feedback about it. Writing groups allow you to feel how others see your writing. Be sure the group you join is open to stories such as yours and that they are fair and honest.