Thanks to streaming sites, people no longer have to go the movies or watch cable TV shows. Instead, they can watch genres dealing with situations they are interested at their own leisure. Those who enjoy erotic and sensuous stories for instance, can find them playing on several streaming sites. In case you are looking for shows such as these, this list contains some of the best. And the name of the sites streaming them.

Outlander – One can find tons of shows dealing with stories based on things which took place centuries ago or recently. Outlander takes viewers back to the 18th century and the present. In between, the characters have passionate sex and are engaged in romantic scenarios. You can stream Outlander on Starz, Vudu and YouTube.

Orange Is The New Black – Those who enjoy prison stories and hot sex scenes will like this show streaming on Netflix. It is based on a female who is jailed in a woman’s prison. Inside the joint, she experiences sexual encounters. Plus, there are other characters which also take part in titillating sex.

The Affair – Playing on Showtime and streaming on Hulu, the Affair is a must see for fans of steamy sex scenes shows. Plus, there’s a suspenseful storyline dealing with a murder. The situations are some of what one might expect in extramarital affairs.

Marvel’s Jessica Jones – This Netflix original series is about a superhero with PTSD that was once a private detective. The stress and other issues push her to let off steam via sexual encounters with another character.

Scandal – What happens when you mix politics and sex? The outcome is a likely Scandal which is also the name of this show. The main character is played by the beautiful Kerry Washington. Through her marketing firm, she encounters clients with tons of secrets. That means there are sexy and steamy love scenes as well. But since this show airs on ABC, they are not as explicit as cable. You stream it on Vudu, Amazon, Netflix and Google Play.